• Sarah Hines

Vision Quest

The majority of us have grown up with parents who have had life long careers with 1 or 2 companies, worked 9 to 5 and came home with either dirty hands and sore backs or briefcases full of paperwork. We are now being enlightened by younger generations who are living experiences rather than focusing on investment portfolio's. They are living remotely around the world while creating a work life ecosystem that doesn't include just one company or a single hobby.

Generation Xer's (1964 - 1981) are the Bridge Generation, we are the intersection of Risk Management and Innovation.

​​We've been raised to mitigate risk, invest in property and markets and always ensure you have an emergency fund. But, we are fascinated by those younger who are living in Asia part time, managing 2-3 work contracts remotely and are making decisions based on a 120 year life span.

What does it all mean for us? Some would argue that we have the best of both worlds - a nest egg and regular adventure travel (scheduled and planned accordingly of course). But, we are also in a tug of war with ourselves.

We are checking off the lists of our parents while our hearts and souls are craving more.

We are digging to find meaning, to find out how to be more agile, how we can leverage all that we have worked for to do something that is meaningful.

Enter the Purpose Revolution. It's one of those universal ideas that reaches into multiple corners of your day and while I don't think it's supposed to alter your life instantly, it certainly puts a different lens on everyday interactions with your work, family, friends and yes, even strangers.

So, you’ve done the work and you’ve developed what you believe to be your purpose. It’s time to take it for a test drive to see if it suits! What does this look like?

For us Gen-Xer’s, it probably means that we need to mitigate risk. That we need to test it out to ensure it's truth. And while some people may be able to throw caution to the wind, quit their job and become cannabis farmers. Many Gen Xers need to have a plan A, B and C.

Have you thought through your Purpose Plan?

Are you comfortable with the idea of what it means?

How can we live it without uprooting our whole lives?

We are in no rush, in fact, taking your time is probably a good thing! SIt with it, be comfortable with every step along the way. You don’t need to jump up and change everything. Change the way you listen, change a conversation, change your questions. See how it feels.



Toronto, ON