• Sarah Hines

Shine On!

As most of the women (or their wonderful partners) that decide to read this article, I am a 40 (ish) Mom, who has that do it all mentality. I do the majority of the child raising, I earn the larger income, I am a board member for various associations, I have a full time Executive Level Job and for the most part I get the majority of the laundry done correctly.

The sad part of that statement is that I am (and I'm sure many of you are as well) judged by the length of THE list. To prove that point, the fact that straddling an elliptical every day didn't make the list is maybe the first thing that may have popped in your head. While I am a huge believer in "women can do anything" I am not an advocate for "women do everything." We get caught.. caught saying yes to school bake sales, committees, multiple play dates, neighbourhood chauffeur, and making that special taco salad everyone loves.

What we rarely say is yes to is ourselves. AND - when we do, it's to locking the bathroom door, setting the laundry machine on delay, or to some crazy random report your boss needs on a friday before a long weekend. Until one day, we finally look up an we feel like are missing something. We have so much to be thankful and grateful for but there is this one strange spot in us that's..well... unsettled.

It could be the lack of focus, time, energy, motivation, etc. But, you've tried fixing some of those things and it just doesn't seem to fill the space. You can do your job with your eye's closed and frankly it's not as exciting as it once was. Then you start hunting and that is when the anger begins. If I see one more quote in a fancy, glittery font about how i need to be authentic.. I am going to drive my 10 year old minivan off a cliff - AUTHENTIC ENOUGH?!?!

(Side Note: I can't help but judge these "quote people" by how short their list must be to come out with such deep inspirations in so many fonts. It's like they are internet bedazzlers)

What I think we need more of is US! A deeper understanding of who we are at our core, what we bring to the list, how we can inspire our family, how to build on your real friendships and how to give your boss the polite finger.

It's possible! Crazy right?! But the amazing part is once you give zero fucks about a couple things - you find time to fill it with you stuff.

I am going to take you down the road of leaving crap behind and finding greatness.

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Toronto, ON