• Sarah Hines

Word of the Year

Transformation doesn't happen because you finally come up with the best idea ever! I believe Derek Sivers said "if information was the answer, we'd all be billionaires with great abs."

Transformation comes when you make small changes to the everyday. Like putting your phone away while you are with your friends, by being present for your child as they tell the whole story, by listening to the world happen around you as you start to hear it through a different lens.

So, every September I pick a word. I choose September as the end of one word and the beginning of another because it aligns with so many other endings and beginnings. End of Summer, the meditation of the harvest, the change in the cycle of life, the beginning of a new school year, a new pattern, etc.

Also, my word is not a resolution, it's a guideline. It's a suggestion that I give myself. The word guides me in some of the more difficult decisions but has never been a hardcore rule.

Last year, my word was Spark. Whether that meant to spark the conversation, to open my mind to a different idea or to light the fire under my ass and get to the gym! It definitely pushed my comfort zone and helped me through some decisions that I typically would have avoided. Spark probably was the one word by which I noticed the biggest shift in my thought processes and my stand on particular subjects. It was a truly self defining year.

The year before, my word was Beauty. Oddly, one of my favourites. I focused on finding beauty through photography which led to a little game, a friend and I still play to this day. Every time we see each other, we pick a theme, for example - red. As we went through our hectic lives, we would send each other pictures of red things we would see like a red hat in a sea of black overcoats or a shot of a red tree. Three really neat things happened with this project. One - I started to notice my surroundings more as I began to live more outwardly, searching for the next best shot. Secondly - as life took over, I would forget about the project until I received a picture text from my friend and instantly, I am back on the hunt for my next beautiful subject. Lastly - it was a connection to a friend without having to speak, set time aside. It was a wonderful reminder, that someone was thinking about me.

My 2018 word is Home. It is perfectly aligned with what I'm craving to improve. It can cover off so many important things- my family, community, my personal health, the list goes on. For me it is an inward reflection of appreciating what home means to my family, friends and community. It also means fostering those moments when I put the phone down, taking the time to participate in the magic of my children, or sending a love note to my hubby.

Home... It's going to be a enchanting year.




Toronto, ON