• Sarah Hines

You are Cake

Give yourself permission to be many things at once. You can be a good mother and lose your shit with them on occasion. You can believe in God and Science. You are allowed to love people and being alone. You don't have to 'just be happy' or 'always hustlin' if that isn't your jam. These are things you feel, not become.

Your contradictions don't make you indecisive and unstable. They are what make you thought filled, open, accepting; an adventurer really. They help make up the whole of you, in all your beautiful dichotomies, uniquely you.

Before you were born, moments have been layered on top of each other to make up who you are. Each layer of you is so incredibly different than any other layer in the universe. Today, if you were to take a cross section of all these moments, each would intermingle with another and this, my dear friend, would be what is so profound about you. No one else, has this same intermingling. No one else has your exact set of experiences mixed with your personality.

And today, is your lucky day, you are the keeper of this one of a kind, customized foundation. It is filled with heartache, embarrassment, pride, success and failure. Some days you are proud and other days ashamed. Hell - you can even feeling both at the same time! Yes, because it's yours and no one else can can understand it the way you do.

Your acceptance and understanding of all of your layers, slices, bisections and perspectives is what helps you make decisions. This is where you get that gut feel that you are in over your head, that you are completely not cool with something, that you are bored or that you need to reach for the stars. Once you embrace this trust in yourself, your confidence in decision making becomes second to none. You become ok with whatever the future holds.

It is this that makes makes you strong, brave, and courageous enough take on whatever lies ahead.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Toronto, ON