• Sarah Hines

The Joy of Anger

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I lashed out at my kids this morning and I walked away angry.

This is the opposite of what I typically do but in those non-typical situations, I walk away, beat myself up for the day and then apologize to them later for not talking it through in that moment.

Today is going to be different.

I am glad I walked away for a few reasons.

1. We all have a right to be angry sometimes

2. Space can heal

3. Reflection is important for everyone

4. There are consequences of all our actions

Tonight, I will be brave and grounded. I will show my imperfections to the people that look up to me. I will stand by my anger and prove that it was a valid emotion and that burying it doesn't help anyone.

I will also however, remind us that we all deserve respect. That we all belong and are important to this team. That they sometimes need to catch me too. That I need them just as much as they need me.

Which reminds me...I should probably go thank my husband for being my lighthouse through this storm. He's been catching the ripple affect of this wave for the past week.

We can do hard things.

We belong to each other.

Love wins.

(Thanks Glennon Doyle Melton)

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash



Toronto, ON