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Purpose Q & A

Updated: Jan 11

There are a host of us out there trying to explain the beauty of finding purpose...and I have to say, not many of us simply break it down into real life language that is relatable. So, I'm taking a crack at it with 4 questions:

What does Purpose really mean?

What is the one thing you have always been good at? What fires you up and gives you a sense of pride? When you get stuck in a spot, what is the one thing you rely on to get yourself out? What could you talk about for hours and still be excited about? Here are some examples:

  • Connection (when I'm stuck, I need to talk things out and I always feel better after and I'm so glad I did)

  • Reflection (I need to take time to understand what I am feeling say so that I can be honest and open)

  • Humour (I need to laugh about the situation so I can refresh my views and approach things differently)

It's a much deeper exercise that it appears on the surface and you can't decide this just by thinking about it. You need to push a lot of junk out of the way to really understand what you are rooted in. That said, If you have an idea and that idea makes you feel grounded, empowered and brave. You might be on the right path.

Why is it such a big deal?

All of us are great at finding things we want to do, or come up with the dream job, or imagine how our life could be 'if only'. Are you dream of retiring from the grind of your day job? Is it too much work to figure out how? Do you have loads of ideas but just to tired to act?

Finding Purpose ultimately will rewire the way you imagine these things and break the way you approach them. It takes you off the hamster wheel and slows that puppy right down so you can intentionally get back into the game. You will find yourself building a foundation, you will envision those goals with a slightly different lens.

A client of mine hates her day job and interviews constantly. She has received a bunch of job offers but then constantly turns them down. She couldn't figure out why these new opportunities just didn't feel right or why she kept coming back to a job she hated. After facing some real hard truths, getting rid of some of barriers and focusing on purpose, her whole perspective has changed. She is open and honest with herself. She is teaching herself to be calm and focused at work and at home. She is now grounded in something strong and tangible.

Risky Business you say?

Before you go off, buy a farm and make cheese for a living, let's get comfortable with living on purpose in the life you have built today. There is absolutely no rush. My lovely client mentioned earlier, has discovered that her purpose is rooted in Child Advocacy and now she is focused on finding ways that advocacy shows up for her in her current role. Sounds easy enough if her current role is an educator but she is an executive assistant for a large CPG Company. How does Advocacy show up for her? What can she learn or practice in this type of role. What about after work? Are their volunteer opportunities she can get involved in? What does her relationship with her own child's school look like?

This work helps us build a foundation that is core to who we are and how we show up. And yes, it's work, but it's not risky!

So what happens next?

Riches will fall from the sky, Ted will be banging at your door asking for



You do however, have this amazing opportunity to actually be you. To just be all you, all the time. You don't need to go on a deep spiritual retreat, or start memorizing quotes by Rumi. We need you to show up the best way you know how. Purpose just grounds your beautiful self into everything you do so that you can, and those around you can, benefit from the best version of you.

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