• Sarah Hines


There is a type of hibernation that only deep winter can conjure. It permeates through you, not only from a physical perspective but from a mental perspective as well. People tend to bunker down behind weather proofed doors, in front of crackling fireplaces, and sip soothing drinks that warm their inner corners. There is an expectation and comfort that everything is supposed to be on hold. That this time was meant for ignoring the world and nurturing your spirit. And if you sadly need to enter into the hustle of everyday, you purposely bundle up to protect yourself from the elements and immediately engage the barrier of weather conversations to protect your far fetched dreams from prying eyes. All the while, waiting patiently to return to your den and slowly begin the thawing process again, reflecting, nurturing, and preparing.

With Spring a wistful dream, we begin to imagine how this year will be better than the last. How we are going to be ready to take on the world this time! How our newly created habits will show up in Spring as accomplishments and will make us better humans; ultimately reward us with a more abundant life. Now it's time to get serious as we have been enjoying life too much lately! Let's prepare and push forward to make some real changes!

But what if we don’t?

What happens if we don’t prepare and force change? What if by spending the time on the coldest of coldest days, we focus on reflecting, healing, and learning? What if we don’t set our eyes on future and instead we consciously refocus our past? What would we learn? Could reflection be our preparation? What is the difference between reflection and creation?

I think there are surmountable differences between the two. Creation is not possible without reflection just like vulnerability is not possible without courage. Creation needs reflection in order to be successful. You need to understand where you are coming from in order to know where you are going.

For many of us, it takes courage to truly reflect upon the past. To be able to open old wounds, poke the tender parts and root around. To be vulnerable to the idea that you are responsible for it. That the wound is now fully under your care and you must feed this responsibility with the nourishment it needs to heal properly. If you make room for taking on this responsibility then you must also need to let go of others.

When you look back on your successes, what parts were made possible by other people? Have you fully acknowledged this sense of community, this sense of inter-dependence? What does this recognition look like for you? How important is ownership and inter-dependence as you take on the New Year Journey?

As you wrap your sweater a little tighter around your neck and take another warming sip of comfort, you are preparing, you are nurturing and nourishing yourself for the coming season. You are preparing yourself for your next adventure but you are finally doing it with a clearer understanding of where you stand today. This clearing brings confidence, it’s refreshing to be able to own where you are in the world. You begin with a confidence, that no matter what the new year brings, no matter how you carry on, next winter you will be reflecting, learning and caring for all the lessons and gifts the year delivered.

Photo by Jaime Spaniol on Unsplash

Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash




Toronto, ON